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Our Team

Our people hail from diverse career backgrounds, with the common denominator being that we all love bringing brands to life and pursue this passionately.

Our culture is vitally important to us. We have no ego, working collaboratively in a fashion where everyone’s input and ideas are embraced equally. Our whole team plays an important part in delivering successful campaigns with our distinctive individuality and insight. With experience in roles from multi-national FMCG’s to retail, automotive and airlines, our diversity as individuals is our strength as a team.

We are dynamic, energetic and approachable with an ability to roll up our sleeves and get things done, dealing with clients large and small in the same highly personal manner. Our enthusiasm for what we do is reflected in our work and our capacity to meet tight deadlines.

Peter Valentine

Managing Director / Owner

A unique strategist and problem solver, Peter has more than 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, including 15 years working in the highly specialised residential property marketing arena. Peter honed his skills and insight with high-profile developers such as Stockland, Brookfield and Winten working on numerous master-planned community developments. His exceptional knowledge of the property industry has seen him work closely with multi-tier developers and leading sales agencies, playing a lead role in the launch of hundreds of projects. He brings to the table comprehensive turn-key property marketing knowledge and solutions.

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Creative Director

Allan heads up the creative direction for Delivery playing a pivotal role in developing creative brand communications for the agency. Leading a team of creatives, design and digital, he oversees all the creative output from the studio. An avid traveller, he is obsessed with all things Japanese, matching his shirt and sneakers, and when he’s not in the office you will find him in search of the perfect photograph on travels around the world and adding to his ever growing sneaker collection.


Account Director

Wendy’s expertise in stakeholder, project and budget management has allowed her to play an integral role in marketing highly successful property development projects. Taking the time to develop and nurture relationships with clients, suppliers and her team, her communication skills and ability to lead and drive projects are great assets. When she’s not looking after clients Wendy can be found dancing - to bad 80’s music or watching reality TV, she has made it her mission to find the best espresso martini.


Senior Account Manager

Hailing from NSW’s South coast, Grace is a beach girl at heart but also can't resist the call of winter and the snow. Grace is a trashy TV connoisseur with her own signature laugh and yawn that are common sounds to the office habitat. Something most people don't know about Grace is that she learnt to play the saxophone, can't whistle and had Darryl Braithwaite wish her Happy Birthday. Grace appreciates interesting architecture and bold interior design.


Dressed in all black, Lili is a proud compendium owner and brings her first-rate organisational skills and love for stationary to the team, making the office appear just a tad neater. Bitten by the travel bug and enjoys creating travel itineraries, she is always thinking about her next trip. She appreciates well thought-out designs that makes any task more efficient and believes that kindness is free and thank you goes a long way.


Second in charge of the office playlist, Blayne is a music enthusiast having lost count of how many concerts he has been too. The excel guru that he is, means Blayne has kept record of the office haircuts, with Blayne leading the pack for most haircuts and cheapest cut. Being a true blue Aussie larrikin, Blayne loves a good BBQ where he can get lost in the banter talking all things sport. Just Don't mention when the Roosters or Manchester United lose!


Jewellery, chips, ramen and chips are just a few of Kim’s favourite things. One for nature and sustainability, Kim is occasionally gluten-free, dairy-free or vego, depending on what day it is. Kim’s inquisitive nature means she has a soft spot for A.I, outer space and waking up in a tent by the beach. Kim’s favourite quiz show is Family Feud, hoping to one day appear on it where her daily trait of being right will take full swing.


Started the yo-yo craze back in the mid 90's, don't believe anyone who says otherwise. Designed a large variety of stuffed teddy bears, they're worth a fair bit now. Cappuccino with 1 sugar or espresso with 2 sugars.


Always mysterious, Kevin hates to show his face. He is fluent in 5 languages and was in a semi famous indie-techno-balkin-rock band in the early 2000’s. Kevin’s greatest passion now is working on exciting design projects, eating kebabs & drawing cylinders.


Not your typical Accountant, Karen is an energetic shopping enthusiast. When Karen isn’t keeping Delivery’s financials in check you can most likely find her spoiling her grandchildren.


Our resident guitarist is towing the line with ‘Chuck Norris’ like abilities. In between advancing his skills and drinking coffee, he finds the time to draw portraits and make terrible puns. When not as his desk, he can be found at the beach or playing in his band – ‘The Ab King Pros’

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We love giving brands personality, coming up with inventive solutions and approaching things in our own unique way. If you think we would be a valuable partner for your campaign, please get in touch.